History & mission – UFT Group


The idea of the Сompany UFT Group arose in the mid-2000s in London, the capital of the United Kingdom.
London was (and remains at the moment) one of the most dynamic financial capitals in the world.

In those days there were a lot of brokerage companies in the market, but they were characterized by a closed structure and rather unfriendly service to the customers
The problem was that most of the brands in the brokerage market were founded and promoted by long-standing banking groups. In addition to the obvious advantages, each of those companies had clear drawbacks - bloated staff, excessive closeness and complexity of the structure, as well as strong bureaucratization of all processes. In practice, this resulted in the situation when days or even weeks passed from the client’s turning to the manager to solving the problem. And this is totally unacceptable when it’s only the matter of minutes.

It is this scenario in the brokerage market, which has led a group of young independent brokers, financiers and programmers to serious thoughts about the founding of their own company. It should be the company that focuses on providing the client with a truly high-quality, fast and modern service.

A little less than a year passed from the idea to its implementation, and in the early 2008 the first London office of the UFT Group opened its doors! The name UFT Group was not chosen by chance. This abbreviation stands for United Forex Brokers and underlines the Company's motto: each client is a full member of the team and can count on partnership cooperation with the Company.

A lot of time has passed since then. The Company faced a lot of difficulties, but emerged with dignity from them, retaining the original intent and keeping the spirit of the “brokerage partnership”. At the moment there are more than one thousand clients in our portfolio, but we still treat each of them as a family member.

Opening of large operating offices in the Seychelles and Austria, which is the most conservative country of “old” Europe, became an important step for the Company.
We understand the realities of today and bring maximum freedom to our employees and customers: freedom from formalities and the opportunity to be engaged in your favorite business anytime and anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the family of professional and modern brokers!